Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Bella Pictures

It's been a long time since I shared any pictures of my baby, Bella! Let me just say, she is growing like a weed! It's unreal! She weighs over 40 lbs now. She gained 13 lbs. this past month alone! No more little puppy. :*(

Here are a few that I took the other day with Emily and Jacob.

Doesn't it look like she is smiling? I swear, she truly does smile. :)

She is our big baby...even though she weighs 40 lbs. Emily still holds her. She loves it, too.
She is such a great dog, and we are completely smitten with her.
She is now sleeping in bed with me and Ed. We tried to get her sleeping with Emily or Jacob, but she just barked to come into our room. If I am reading to Jacob, or not going to bed yet, she whines until I climb into bed. She just loves her Mommy. :)
Thanks for checking out my new pictures! Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Terri - Great pics of your kids and your adorable dog! I just found your blog -- it' looks GREAT! I hope you had a great time at convention; I am planning on leadership this year, God-willing! Take care, just wanted to say HI :o)