Thursday, February 18, 2010

Build A Bear Class

Today I held my first ever Build A Bear Mom and Me Class. I had several cuties here for the afternoon and I loved it! They made 4 projects, and I was really impressed with how great they all did. They made a scrapbook page, a card, a tin purse with dress up bears, and a bookmark. I think they were all quite tired by the time we were done! But not one complaint, only smiles. :)

Here are a few pictures for you:

This is Olivia and her sister Laura who came to class with Mom, Amy. I just adore these girls! Look how cute they are! They both did AMAZING at their crafts!

This is Abbi and Mom, Lori. Aren't they adorable? Do you know they brought me flowers? How sweet is that? Lori was secretly having as much (maybe more) fun than Abbi. LOL. I told her I do adult classes too, so she should come back and stamp with me!

This is Loren and Mom, Crissy. They hadn't done any stamping or crafting before, but you would never know it! They did awesome at all of their projects! Loren was so adorable with her High School Musical Bear, Sara. Just love this kid!

They all brought their Build A Bear with them. I took a picture of each child and their bear and printed it off when they were making their projects. We used the picture on the scrapbook page they made today, so they went home with their page complete!

While they had fun stamping, I think they loved the snack best! I made chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and Build A Bear Picks for the center. They were really cute! :0)

I had to actually make 2 batches, as Bella ate the first batch before they even made it into the oven. She ate the batter, and the foil cupcake liners. Yep, had to make her throw those up and start all over. LOL. Gotta love my dog. :)

Many people who wanted to come this week were on vacation. So, I will be holding another Mom and Me Class in March or April. I hope you can make it then. It was a really fun afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. Terri: I hope you'll offer another looks like so much fun!