Saturday, June 13, 2009

My sweet Bella Girl

Ok, I hope I am not turning into one of those people who shows pictures of their pets ALL the time, and in your head you are thinking "just shoot me" because you really don't care to see pictures of my dog.

But...I can't really help it...because she is SO cute. And I love her. A lot.

She is such a good puppy. Now, I will admit the first few days I was not sure that this was such a wise decision. But the poor thing just left her mommy and she was sad.

But now she has me, and she is happy. :-)

So, we have had a few bumps in the road here and there. Like last week Ed didn't realize she could climb the stairs so easily. So, he gets up in the morning to let her out. Then lets her wander around the house while he is showering. Well, he couldn't find her downstairs...
she was up in Emily's room chomping on a crayon. So later in the day I called Ed verify the color of the crayon. Apparently she must have eaten more than one, because the doggie poo was orange AND blue.

And her favorite place to poo in the house (if you don't get her out in time) happens to be my stamp room (no worries, I have cleaned and disinfected numerous times). I suggested that Ed gate her in the kitchen while he showers so she doesn't do that. Well, it's a new routine for all, and he didn't gate her in the next day...and as you might have guessed, I woke up to yet another poo pile. I don't know who's harder to train, the dog or the hubby. :)

Anyway, the crate training is getting better (I think). She still barks and cries at night, but we are adjusting. It doesn't last as long, and we all wear our iPods to bed. :)
Here is one more pic of my sweet girl:

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