Friday, April 20, 2012

MDS Blog Hop Friday!

Hello Friends,

Another Friday is upon us and that means another edition of MDS Blog Hop Friday! This weeks challenge was Mothers. I didn't really make a mothers page though, as there was some discussion about changing the theme.

So in any case, I made a page about Bella. Shocking! I make a TON of pages about my dog! Crazy, right? She is my go to subject when I don't have any pictures easily accessible that I want to scrap. Oh, I have a ton alright, but am I organized enough to find them? NOOOO.

Anyway, Bella went to the groomer this week, and came back looking so pretty! All soft and fluffy and smelling good. And they even gave her a Hello Kitty bandana! :)

Here is my page:

So I guess if you wanted to be technical, you COULD say this was a page about Mothers. LOL. Cause she is my baby. :)
Thanks for putting up with my excessive scrapping of her! 

Be sure to continue down the Blog path to see what the other fabulous ladies have in store for you this week!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! 

5. Terri Mongeon - YOU ARE HERE! :0)


  1. I love the colors, the flowers, the combo of dsp you used...I LOVE THE PAGE! Bella is one lucky "baby".

  2. How sweet of a face is that???? :) What a great page too, love the colors and patterns you used!