Friday, May 18, 2012


Here we are, Friday again! Yahoo!

This weeks challenge is for a vacation or a trip. I am looking forward to summer to make some new memories to scrapbook. But in the mean time, I was going over some old pictures, and came across pictures of when we took Emily to NYC for the first time. Being in CT. we can take the train or drive in pretty quickly. We head in several times a year. But when Emily was 8 we took her for along for the first time. Of course we did all the touristy things, but it was a super fun day.

Here is my page:

I love the color picker feature in MDS. We didn't have just the right shade of pink that I needed, so I used the color picker and selected the color from Emily's sweatshirt. Viola! Perfect match!

I am thinking of taking next Friday off, as I am having surgery on my foot Monday. If I feel well enough I will probably participate, but we will see how it goes, and how many pain meds I am taking (LOL).

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit all the other fabulous designers on the blog hop and have a super weekend!

5. Terri Mongeon - YOU ARE HERE! :0)

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